New media in art (world of art)

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Modern art, reflecting and defining new intellectual, scientific and technological developments, has radically extended the conventional media of sculpture and painting. Following innovative ideas about representation and the free use of materials in cubism, futurism, and surrealism particularly in the work of Duchamp artists abandoned strict adherence to traditional hierarchies of media and embraced any means, including technological, which best served their purposes. In the past fifty years especially, ideas about time and duration have reinstated narrative in art, via filmmaking and video, the theatricality of happenings, performance and installation art, digitally manipulated photography, and virtual reality. This pioneering book, originally published in 1999 under the title "New Media in Late 20th Century Art, discusses the most influential artists internationally from Edweard Muybridge to Robert Rauschenberg, Bill Viola, and Pipilotti Rist and those seminal works that have radically