Ceramics from islamic lands (paperback)

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"This splendid catalog serves as the most current and magnificently illustrated introduction to Islamic ceramics now available. Essential."--"Choice"
Islamic pottery--the fine ceramics made in the lands of Islam, from the Arab world and Turkey through Iran and into Central Asia--is one of the hidden treasures of world ceramics. It has often been overshadowed by the ceramic legacy of China and Europe, yet it cedes nothing to these great traditions in technical inventiveness and beauty of design. Through close trading links and cultural interchange, Islamic potters have played a crucial role in the development of these other ceramic cultures.
A catalogue of the al-Sabah collection in Kuwait--one of the few truly great collections in private hands--this richly illustrated volume presents a comprehensive history of ceramics from Islamic lands and portrays the unfolding story of Islamic pottery over its thousand-year history.

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