Party membership in europe exploration into the anthills of party politics

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European political parties have been recruiting members of over a century. However, 'parties without partisans' are conceivable today. Clearly, parties are changing, whether they are mutating, adapting or declining.
In this context, it is crucial to understand the changes which affect party membership. It may indirectly affect the capacity of parties to perform their various functions in representative democraties.  This book aims at contributing to three major topics related to the study of party membership. The first part of the book is dedicated to the analysis of the general trends in party membership across Europe in a comparative and long-term perspective. It tackles some questions which have not received clear answers yet: Can we attest a decline in the long term? How can we interpret the changes over time? What are the potential explanations for the trends observed? In the second part of the book, the contributions focus on the demand side, i.e.

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