Grand écart ; parcours d'un saint-cyrien atypique

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This book is the eventful story of an atypical French officer, a graduate of the Saint-Cyr Military Academy and son of Armenian immigrants. His life knew many upheavals, at the junction of the two millennia. It began in Draguignan, Southern France, in a family suffering the drama of exile, then in the Resistance under the German occupation. After his training at the Military Academy, his professional itinerary led him to Indochina for two tours, then to Algeria, Africa, the USA, Germany and at last to the Pacific Area. In Africa, he was the only French officer who officially served under a foreign uniform with the UN Congo forces. During the Cold War, through his training, he had the rare privilege, as a French army officer, of witnessing both the sheer scale of the American power and that of the worldwide nuclear threat. At each step, he expresses his non-conformist, provocative or unusual views. Aged 48, he resigned from the Army and started a civilian career by creating a subsidiary