Designer's villas 24 weekend houses

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Located in dramatic natural settings near the sea or atop mountains, villas offer the ultimate escape. These choice environs combined with unrestricted budgets create the unique dwellings featured in this inspiring book. Designers Villas 24 Weekend-Houses features villas created by 24 different architects or architectural teams with emphasis on switching the focus from inside to out, from self to nature. Here you can find another world, a creative space in which you can enjoy another lifestyle and a different kind of leisure. Included are well documented plans of structures, lush color photography and information about the architects and their inspiration for these projects. International locales and fresh approaches inform this well balanced book from one of Japans premier publishers. Architectural studios included are: Akiko Miya, Yumi Kori + Toshiya Endo, Koichiro Nakatani, Atelier Bow-Wow, Rikuo Nishimori and many others.