Designers'apartments in japan high rise condominiums

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Many large-scale community redevelopment projects have been engineered in mega cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama in recent years. High-rise residential tower apartments have transformed the cityscape, serving as landmarks while keeping harmony with the surrounding natural environments. Augmented with quality public spaces the sites provide abundant light, water and natural spaces. Residents of these high-rise tower apartments can enjoy unparalleled access to cultural offerings due to the placement in the dense urban fabric of these metropolises. This book unswervingly describes 29 examples of planning, design, and development of high-rise apartments considered or commissioned in the last couple of years, that enable residents to fully enjoy a high-quality of life. The carefully selected collection of written and pictorial presentations of these projects will give new insight into exciting and innovative approaches towards the design of urban lifestyles, inside and out.