Times of the signs ; a visual analysis of new urban spaces

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This highly visual investigation shows the complex nature and enormous impact of recent developments in our information society: a transformation produced by the irresistible combined expansion of digital technology and telecommunication networks. The urban space is a privileged laboratory for observing and experiencing the density of signs and their multiple frameworks: Signage, Giant Screens, Signboards, Flags, Poster Displays, Architecture and Advertisement, Surveillance Technologies, Tracking Devices, etc. Eric Sadin started this project during a residence in Kyoto, Japan, then enlarged the focus of the inquiry to further Asian, European, and American cities as Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bombay, Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, New York. The result is a fascinating visual journey in 2000 colour illustrations with explanatory captions, structured into some 100 topics and analysed in brilliant theoretical texts providing the necessary background. TOC:Media_Buildings