Flacons A Tabac Des Collections Baur, Geneve

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The art of the snuff bottle occupies an important position in the history of arts and crafts of both China and the world. The first snuff bottles can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), a relatively recent development in terms of the long history of China. From their initial status as a useful luxury item, snuff bottles became curios and collector's objects in both China and Europe. The catalogue features snuff bottles made from a range of materials including sixty-one glass snuff bottles, seventeen porcelain, eleven jade, fifty-seven quartz (from the purest rock crystal to velvety agate) and three in semi-precious stones. It also includes fourteen extraordinary snuff bottles made from organic materials: amber, coral, ivory, mother-of-pearl and lacquer. The book also features seven precious bottles decorated with enamel and gold on metal which are the highlight of the collection. Text in English and French.