Treatment optimization for lung cancer : from classical to innovative procedure

From classical to innovative procedures

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From the IASLC International Workshop comes this collection of articles on the most recent approaches to lung cancer treatment. Developments in technology and research are moving the classical 2D approach to a treatment optimization program through the use of new technologies such as multileaf collimator, 3D treatment planning, immobilization devices, portal imaging, daily repositioning, etc. New tools in the treatment of thoracic tumors are thus available, and are elaborated in this volume by radiation oncologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiologists from Europe and America, who shed new light on classical treatments via their discussion in context of these new treatments. Chapter titles include thoracic radiology, loco-regional tumor spread, clinical target volume, conformal radiotherapy : from theory to practice, toxicity and tolerance of thoracic radiotherapy, dose and fractionation, and combined treatment optimization.