The american twenties, 1918-1928 progress and regression

Progress and regression


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The period of the 20s is remembered as the Jazz Age, the "Roaring 20s", the era of the "flivver", the "flapper", Hollywood, Campbell Soup and the tabloids.
For the politically and socially conscious, it is branded as the age of intolerance, of xenophobia and 100% Americanism, of Prohibition, the KKK, the Red scare, Immigration Restriction, and the divisive trial of Sacco and Vanzetti. It is a decade clearly bounded by two major tragedies (World War I and the Great Depression). Rising living standards, changing lifestyles, a revolution in morals, the coming of age of the consumer society, the standardization, rationalization and concentration of production ushered in a "new era" which some Americans found it hard to adjust to.

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