The restored Finnegans wake

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The dreal-like, comic tale of a family in Ireland, Finnegans wake is written in Joyce's unique personal language that echoes and plays with many tongues other than English, and uses parables, phrases, wordplay, puns, ballads, philosophy and religious texts to capture an extraordinary invented world.
During the seventeen years of its composition, sections of Fubbegans wake were rewritten abd revised countless times by its author, and, seventy years after its first pyblication, this new, critically emended edition has now been produces, taking in three decades of intense study by textual scholars Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon.
The restored Finnegans wake sees the 20 000 pages of Joyce's notes, drafts and proofs collated and clarified to incorporate the 9000 minor yet crucial corrections and amendments, including phrasing, spacings and syntax, to reveal in true detail this masterpiece as the author intended it to be read.