For gods and for men

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This bold new story written on an epic scale vibrates with its unique setting and time frame. Trapped in an alternate universe, the memorable characyers sey off on a quest to overcome nearly insurmountable odds.
The setting : 98 BC Rome. The story : Marcus Tegerius Castimus has just learned he is immortal. Together with an unlikely alliance that includes a vexing vestal virgin, he is the only hope to save the world from a trap that that the lifebloods had set centuries before.
Persued by two factions, Castimus can choose to help the liifebloods and live in luxury and power, or he can fight them to same the human race from extinction. But doing the right thing isn't always easy, and Marcus stumbles into the snare the lifebloods laid for him - a trap been centuries in the making and from which there is no escape. or nearly none.

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