Cultural Moves African Americans And The Politics Of Representation


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"For many years now, Herman Gray has crafted brilliant cultural criticism that has illumined and interrogated the complex dimensions of black culture. In "Cultural Moves, Gray sends his probing intellect into the fierce battles in black life over representation, identity, and sources of recognition and legitimacy in forms as varied as television and new technologies. He is as fluent in the languages of critical theory of black social and aesthetic agency as he is in the lucid observation of everyday politics that shape black culture. "Cultural Moves is one of the most daring, creative, and wise books of black cultural criticism from one of our most gifted critics."--Michael Eric Dyson, author of "The Michael Eric Dyson Reader"Cultural Moves demonstrates that Herman Gray is the most compelling critical theorist of cultural politics today. Focusing on the defining conditions of black cultural formation, Gray provides us with a critical vocabulary for comprehending what moves culture and what