Buddhist art and architecture (world of art)

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Buddhism is the single common thread uniting theAsian world, from India to South-East Asia andthrough Central Asia to China, Korea and Japan.To guide and inspire believers, innumerablesymbols and images were made, beginning in India in the 3rd century BC. This phenomenally diversetradition includes not only frescoes, reliefcarvings, colossal statues, silk embroideriesand bronze ritual objects but also rock-cutshrines with a thousand Buddhas, the gloriousstupas of South-East Asia and the pagodas of the Far East, the massive "mandala in stone" ofBorobudur in Java and entire 13th-century temple complexes at Angkor in Cambodia. The authordescribes all the Buddhist schools and cultures, and explains their imagery, from Tibetan cosmicdiagrams and Korean folk art to early Sri Lankan sites and Japanese Zen gardens.

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