All Day Every Day


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Around 1990, I was determined to make some photographs other than portraits, if only to see whether I could.
I also wanted to get away from some of the devices, both technical and aesthetic, that I felt I'd come to rely on in my portraiture. I knew how to make them work and wanted to see whether I could make pictures without people work as well.
A lot of this, I felt, had to do with a process of loosening up.
David Armstrong
99 photographies en couleurs (à double page, à pleine page, parfois en belle page, uniquement) prises entre 1999 et 2001 dans des villes comme New York, Berlin, Mexico, Paris, Vienne, Avignon, Boston, Brooklyn, Potsdam, Tivoli, Saint-Cloud, New Heaven...
.A conversation with David Armstrong, Martin JEAGGI (pages 142 et 143)
Pleine toile rouge de l'éditeur, jaquette illustrée, 144 pages.
ISBN: 3-908247-56-X