Scilicet ; The Speaking Body. On the Unconscious in the 21st Century

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"What exactly is a speaking body? What makes a body human is indeed that it is a speaking body. The term "speaking" here is not an adjective that would complete a predefined noun, the body, by adding to it the act of speaking. The common error made by psychology is to think that speech is a cognitive function of the body, an acquired behavior, although it is supported in an innate way within a profound structure of the organism. This is not the case. Neither speech nor language is reducible to cognitive functions, since these functions, considered as organic functions, depend on the already a priori relation of the subject to the signifier, to the structure of language, which precedes him as body and as being that speaks. Hence, a language is not learned, it is transmitted by the experience of jouissance which touches the body of the image.