Good space ; political, aesthetical and urban spaces

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During the summer, surprising uses of space and subversive artistic strategies examining the shape and significance of public spaces will be shown at Villa Merkel - both actually implemented as well as designed as utopias or settled in the digital domain. The focus is on visions and dreams that involve very different possi - bilities for the design of public cohabitation. It is about sustainability and the perspectives and questions about how the individual can and eventually should act in the public realm. In the rooms of the Villa Merkel, at the Bahnwärterhaus and Merkel Park, GOOD SPACE presents models, videos and designs that are regarded as concretizations of procedural disputes. With "EVERYTHING IS ARCHITECTURE: Bau Magazine from the 60s and 70s", an exhibition by the ICA in London in 2015 has been integrated into this exhibition, focusing on historical preconditions of visionary and utopian architectural and spatial concepts of the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to originals of the