Internet international law ; international and european studies and comments

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Internet's development is massive, all around the world, in any field, any direction or activity: e-mail, e-commerce, data, photos, videos exchanges, news and forums. Willing a regulation of those billions of electronic communications, of all kinds, the states have made legal revolutions, signing a huge number of international conventions and agreements, about intellectual property, commerce, electronic signature, cyber criminality, data protection, patent. The states have also adopted through Parliament, many European and national laws. In despite of this big amount of laws, internet goes on, playing with frontiers and creating conflicts, because of state's legal sovereignty and territorial laws. This book publishes the "Acts" of the international colloquium on "Internet International Law" organized by the University of Paris-I Pantheon Sorbonne, the French Ministry of Justice and Arpeje association. It systematically studies every aspect of internet international law, asking all the questions