October 1917 ; 100 years, 100 militants of the revolution

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This is the first lesson of 1917, its highly topical and fecund legacy - strategy party means bringing the consciousness of decisive world facts to our class. This was the case a hundred years ago, in the October assault in Russia. This is the case today, in our battle to entrench a Bloshevik Party in the heart of European imperialism. And it will be the case tomorrow, when the imperialist contention will once again leave no alternatives: either war or revolution, either Socialism or barbarism.
Then there is a second lesson. The slogan of the German Spartacists - " The Main Enemy is at Home " - stands out on the first issue of our newspaper. That allusion from the 1914-1918 internationalist battle is a point of reference for today, both in our struggle against the ideologies of the "small" homeland of the nation-state and the new ideology of the "big" homeland of the European continental State.