Get the job you really want

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'Right now the job market is balanced in favour of companies - they have the pick of the crop. More than ever you need to have that extra something to stand out from the crowd.' At times like these you need the best advice and strongest resources available to land your perfect job.

You're going to be up against seriously stiff competition. So how would you like to have the man who revolutionised the recruitment industry in your corner?

James Caan re-invented how to place people in the jobs they wanted and propelled himself into a new career as an entrepreneur and a stalwart of the BBC's Dragon's Den. He did it all by following his mantra: 'Observe the masses and do the opposite'.

In Get The Job You Really Want, James Caan show you how to find the best employers, get a foot in the door, thrive in the interview, and close the deal on a job offer.