Fuse t.1 à 20 ; from invention to antimatter : twenty years of Fuse ; coffret

Édition trilingue français/anglais/allemand ; recueil + 10 affiches A2 + 24 polices téléchargeables

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A retrospective of the influential, experimental typeface annual Neville Brody is Britain's first and reigning star typographer and designer. Working with magazines including "The Face" and "Arena," designing record covers for major bands such as Depeche Mode, and creating some of the most important new fonts of recent years, he has made his name ubiquitous in his field. Starting 20 years ago, Brody teamed up with fellow designers to produce "FUSE," an experimental design and typeface annual. Each "package" contains a selection of new typefaces (originally on floppy disk, now on CD), as well as posters featuring the fonts and essays on design by leading writers on the subject. Most of the breakthroughs in type and its application of the past two decades have come from this groundbreaking annual. To celebrate "FUSE"'s 20th issue, TASCHEN has published a retrospective featuring the best posters and typefaces--including access to the fonts themselves!