The spider and the statue : poisoned innocence in the winter's tale

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Much maligned and disfigured over the centuries, Shakespeare's "The Winters Tale" has hecome a treasure-trove for actors, directors and critics alike, attracted by the play's curious blend of tragedy, comedy and pastoral, in a two-part structure separated by sixteen years-and a bear.
From Leontes' jealous frenzy, represented by some of the most obscure passages in Shakespeare, to Perdita's fabled speech on art and nature, or Hermione's statue, the play illustrates the magical power of poiesis, while probing into the human condition. Discussing the play's key issues, notable the relevance of genre and performance, context and réception, titre and truth, eloquence, innocence, knowledge, diversion and recreation, this book provides a useful theoretical, historical and critical background to perform close, personal readings of "The Winters Tale", using both stage and text-centered criticism.

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