Lexique Analytique De L Anatomie Humaine



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Dictionaries are reference works: we consult them both interest and for pleasure. This trilungual Inuktitut/French/English anatomical dictionary is no exception to this rule. It fills first and foremost a gap that exists in the field of Inuit anatomy, by bringing together a set of some 570 terms from the Canadian Eastern Arctic (Nunavik and Eastern Nunavut). It then provides an ethnolinguistic approach to this area of lexicography that links the facts of language to cultural choices. This work accordingly illustrates the highly motivated character of the Inuit language. This lexicon is dedicated to a specific theme, with practical intent and is illustrated with anatomical plates. It shows, as far as possible, various ways in which organs and areas of the body are designated and contributes thereby to an enhanced understanding of some of the conceptualization mechanisms used by the Inuit