Explication of the gita, path revealed by githai, geetai kattum pathai

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Explication of the Gita, Path revealed by Githai, Geetai Kattum PathaiAuthor: Dr. Shuddhananda BharatiThe great messageThe teaching of the Gita is yoga, spiritual truth applied to external life and action; it may be any action and not necessarily an action resembling that of the Gita. It is the principle of the spiritual consciousness applied to action that has to be kept. By turning (from the present world-consciousness) to the Divine and entering into the Divine consciousness one can possess through the world also the Eternal. The language of the Gita sometimes admits two apparently opposite truths and turns to reconcile them. It admits the ideal of departure from Samsara into the Brahman as one possibility; also it offers the possibility of living free in the Divine (in me, it says) and acting in the world as the Jivan Mukta. It is the latter kind of solution on which it lays the greatest emphasis. The full truth lies in the supramental consciousness and the power to unite from there