Mémoire et propagande à l'époque timouride

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Fiche détaillée de "Mémoire et propagande à l'époque timouride"

This volume contains the texts of five Ehsan and Latifeh Yarshater Distinguished lectures on Iranian Studies, organized by the Unite Mixte de Recherche "Mondes Iranien et Indien," and delivered in 2005 at the College de France in Paris. This book inquires into the manipulation of the historical memory of the figure of Timur-e Lang (Tamerlane, ca. 1330-1405) and into the uses that power-holders made of it through political propaganda in Central Asia and Iran during the 15th century, in the Timurid empire. Following up on Persian sources, the author analyses the discourse of chroniclers at Timur's court, and examines how historians of his time constructedthe sovereign's virtuous origins. Interest is shown in this figure's reflection in historico-literary texts, in particular in the epic transpositionof the historiographical tradition. On Timur's tracks from Central Asia to the Ottoman Empire in the West and deep into India in the East, the sources build up two contrasting images of the conqueror