A geoscientist's guide to petrophysics


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As soon as you start to take an interest in the field of Petrophysics, you are struck by the duality between the "Physics" aspects and the "Geology" aspects. In most publications, the "Physics" aspect prevails. The rock itself is generally no more than a "black box" whose microscopic structure is at best very briefly described, as a model sometimes remote from reality. Yet, how can we understand the fluid flow or capillary equilibria within a rock without a vital piece of information, the description of the geometry of the pore space? And if we are to scale up highly isolated petrophysical observations to an entire oil reservoir or an aquifer, it is essential to implement the powerful extrapolation tool of "geological interpretation". This is clearly based on a good understanding of the relations between the petrophysical parameters studied and the petrological characteristics of the rock considered. This "Geological" approach of Petrophysics is at the hub of our project.