The Oxford history of the laws of england t.5 ; 1483-1558

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The first volume to be published in the landmark new series, The Oxford History of the Laws of England, the first full-length history of the English law that takes unpublished sources into account The series will be indispensable for law and history libraries Provides not only a history of law, but also a history of English society through legal eyes The history of English law is also the history of US and Commonwealth law This volume covers the years 1483-1558, a period of immense social, political, and intellectual changes, which profoundly affected the law and its workings. It first considers constitutional developments, and addresses the question of whether there was a rule of law under king Henry VIII. In a period of supposed despotism, and enhanced parliamentary power, protection of liberty was increasing and habeas corpus was emerging. The volume considers the extent to which the law was affected by the intellectual changes of the Renaissance, and how far the English experience differed

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